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Mexico City May 19th, 2017
Press release 34/2017


Mexico and Germany announce strategy to promote the business participation in the fair of Hannover 2018

  • The Mexican delegation will be comprised of more than 100 companies from different sectors.
  • Hannover Messe will be held from 23 to 27 April 2018.
Comunicado 34-17

Mexico City. Today, officials from the Governments of Mexico and Germany jointly launched the tour of seminars that will be held in Mexico, from the month of May and September 2017, to train companies which form part of the Mexican delegation, which will represent the country at Hannover Messe 2018.

During his speech, the General Director of ProMexico, Paulo Carreño King, said that the institution is pleased with the lead organization of the participation of Mexico in Hannover Messe, and considered this as "a unique opportunity to show the" strengths of our country in innovation and technology. To achieve this, now we are aiming the most innovative companies and institutions of the country, to invite them to attend the Hannover Messe".

He also said that ProMexico is coordinating, together with Camexa and Deutsche Messe, three roadshows across the country in order to promote the Fair and its potential benefits for exhibitors. "We hope to continue working with all of you over the next year to organize participation- as our motto says -exceeds expectations", concluded.

Meanwhile, the Foreign Minister and Vice Chancellor of Germany, Sigmar Gabriel, said that it is delighted that Mexico is the first Latin American country to be part of the Hannover Messe, mainly because it is a country that arouses many positive emotions for their country. He also noted that both countries manufacture products of high global demand and are working on creating a smart grid to improve bilateral trade.

"Hannover Messe will be a worldwide showcase for Mexican products (...) We want to involve companies and partners, and increase trade relations so that they are more durable. (...) In fact, Mexico is already the leading investor in Latin America in Germany", he said.

In the event of launching of the tour of seminars participated, on behalf of the Secretary of Economy, Undersecretary of industry and commerce, Rogelio Garza Garza, who said that Hannover Fair 2018 will be an important showcase to know what Mexico makes around the world in innovation, development, industry, 4.0 technology and manufacturing.

We hope to strength links between companies from both countries, and we are developing a plan to allow participation of a modern Mexico that increase free trade in the world," said Garza Garza.

At the time, Jochen Kockler, Member of the Board of Deutsche Messe AG, pointed out that the Hannover Messe is considered as the 'Olympics of the industry', where companies can display and generate investments, mainly in sectors such as Automation, advanced manufacturing, energy and heavy industries, among others.

Hannover Messe is the world's largest industrial Fair. Held in the city of the same name, in Germany, and annually attracts more than 225,000 visitors from 80 countries. The grounds of Hannover Messe measures 152,000 square meters, which is equivalent to 60 football stadiums.

We are seeking more than 100 Mexican companies to attend the event, so this tour of seminars are intended to make known what is Hannover Messe, the project of Mexico as guest country and the possibilities of doing business in the European country, among many others aspects of the commercial relationship.

The seminars will take place at the following dates and cities:

  • June 9 - Mérida
  • June 12 – Mexico City
  • June 13 - Toluca
  • June 14 - Puebla
  • August 30 - Guanajuato
  • August 31 - Aguascalientes
  • 1 September - San Luis Potosí

Today, Germany is the main trade partner of Mexico with Europe and fifth globally; as well as 4 ° destination of exports. In terms of foreign direct investment, Germany has invested in Mexico 14,168 millions of dollars from 1999 to date. More recent investments have come from the fields of automotive and pharmaceutical industries.


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